LegionThirteen is a firm comprised of marketing specialists with big agency backgrounds who cut their teeth on major brands. People so good at what they do, they were promoted swiftly up through these institutional agencies, taking them off the front lines. But these people decided that their biggest impact (and professional rush) came from working directly with clients, so they created LegionThirteen. Among them are world class strategists, artists, writers, designers and business thinkers who marshal resources to achieve measurable results.Their work spans broadly and seamlessly across the branding disciplines. It is creative and elegant, simple and intelligent. Above all, it is impactful to set your brand and your business apart. LegionThirteen pledges never to speak in “brand babble,” but rather in terms of your business and its leadership. And we will work tirelessly on your behalf until your goals are met. Ideas Rule.

Our People
Steve Bautista       Larry Marchese       David Gallone       Doug Burns       Dan Reeves       David Cucinotta

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